it would be nice if there was some room where people could post their own bands or just bands they like from there region/country

must be hardcore (to make things clear no posercore!)
and not very well known

i'll start off with some bands i like and my own band
oldschool hardcore punk
oldschool hardcore punk
oldschool hardcore
metallic hardcore
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This band is amazing. It says on their profile that they toured in Wales but I can't remember ever seeing them on a flyer so I'm bitched if they did come and I missed it.

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human demise is focking cool, i've played with them once in my hometown, saw them several other times; always so HARD; the singer is one of the best i've ever heared
they've toured a little bit in europe
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The thread title is quite a paradox.

Not exactly unknown, but I've been diggin The Effort and Burn down Rome lately.

I'm learning their songs right now and I was going to post about them until I saw this. Female fronted hardcore punk. How can you go wrong? They used the cheerleading this a sort of a gimmick at first and it just kind of stuck.
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Poacher - huge converge rip offs, still good

Equal Minds Theory - good russian metalcore

Boris - latest non-collaboration album is thrash(listen to track 9 on myspace)

XchromosomeY - hardcore

Colin of Arabia - boston hardcore

By Decision - hardcore

Flesh and Blood - tough guy hardcore/metalcore

X Bite The Bullet X - straight edge hardcore

Horse ****! - decent tough guy, their guitarist is a HUGE prick though

should be a decent list for some of you
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Colin of Arabia is definitly known

XchromosomeY. hahaha. I know those dudes, went to a bunch of their shows, was in their fanbase aka "XCY Army". They were great, but they were assholes and people got tired of them.
I almost put down Think Again till I noticed you put them down already.
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i liked think again

ps for the ones who posted it would be nice if you just put a link to a myspace or something like that here so that people could check the sounds out
Well don't know if they actually belong here but some better Belgian ones:

Congress hardcore
AMENRA hardcore
The Boss hardcore
Severance (hardcore) punk
First Alliance Hardcore

there are more though, but I'll make a bigger list someday.

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Would this only be a thread for hardcorebands who don't have space bars like Skycamefalling and Neveragainforyou?
from CT

hostage calm - poppy hardcore, members of at all costs and other
unforgiven - heavy stuff members of risk taken ambitions
the risk taken - havent had any new material but they just got back together. so good.
brothers in arms - newish style hardcore. not to bad. older songs are cool

too lazy to put myspaces
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First of all, I enjoy deathcore for it's complexity and it's the only genre heavy enough for me

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i only listen to posercore...guess i cant post in here
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the scream is so powerfull. my balls started two steppin.