Alright Thanks for the support on helping with the strings on my guitar earlier guys but now i cannot get the dang thing to stay in tune there are 6 little tiny screw things at the top of the guitar opposite side of the neck but whenever i screw them in it makes the strings move down further really dont know how to explain but it breaks down to this it is making a buzzing type noise every time i play any solutions here are the pics of the guitar again.

sounds like you need to raise the action

....btw, perhaps you should bump one thread only while setting up your floyd instead of making a new thread for every problem you run into
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Those are the fine tuners. once you have the string in tune normally you lock the nut at the headstock when you do this it puts the string back out of tune a little so you use the fine tuner at the back of the tremolo to dial it back in.
if it is buzzing, first make sure that you have tightened the lock nut all the way if it still buzzes then raise the action a little as recommended above.
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