I am wanting to get in to playing the guitar and finally have the time. I have heard from many people that starting with the acoustic is easier so I have decided to go with that (the people in my apartment complex will probably be happy with that decision). Could someone help me choose between these value packs? Also, I don't really have the money to spend on formal lessons, so I thought about using the DVD's, CD's, and books. Is this a good idea or should I try to scrape together spare cash and spring for the lessons?

These are the value packs I'm looking at:


Also what about these strings?

Martin M530

If there are any you would like to recommend over these I'm open to suggestions as well.
Well they are both dreadnought style with spruce tops so it will really come down to which one you like the feel of better.
Try to find a music store where you can try out both and see which neck you like better.
I know that Epiphone makes a pretty good acoustic but I have no idea about the value pack ones.
It is not easier to learn on an acoustic. It is BETTER to learn on an acoustic it will improve your hand strength alot quicker and it is harder to hide mistakes on an acoustic so you will be able to gauge your learning speed easier.
Start with the dvds and books to learn the basic open position chords then start to learn the notes of the fret board once you get that you can start to work on barre chords.
Enjoy. Playing guitar is a lot of fun and once you have learned a few songs, there is nothing like sitting around the campfire with your buds and playing away.
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Thanks for the help.

Would it be better to spend a few extra dollars and get a solid top? Sorry for my ignorance. I don't really know much about em.

Any DVDs and stuff anyone could recommend would be nice as well.
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Neither of those two packs have a decent guitar with a solid top. That's essential for good sound. This Fender pack is decent, but you'll have to stretch your budget a little more. Cheap guitars generally don't sound or play very well. Those two factors will ultimately leave you unsatisfied and you'll be less likely to stick with playing guitar.
Thanks. I think I could handle that much more. That was actually another one that I was looking at. That one and another Epiphone with a solid top.