Much like Google Video's software uploader, YouTube now has a multifile uploader of its own. While you can still upload up to 100 MB files through YouTube's Web interface, having installed the small piece of Windows software (Mac version coming soon), YouTubers are now able upload several video files at once, at up to 1GB a pop, which is 10x the size of the standard uploader. Interestingly enough, you still have to go through a Web interface, even with the software installed on your machine. The processing is still (thankfully) done on YouTube's servers, which the company says can take up to a half hour to crunch the larger or more complex video files.

Source: http://www.download.com/8301-2007_4-9814276-12.html?tag=bubble

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Isn't it a ten minute limit though?

I think thats only google.

That'll be cool if we can upload movies (700 mb) but they would delete it