okay, first things first.

I am not a professional builder, this is....an experiment so to say. and part bet. But I'm still serious about it, so please don't flame me, okay? ^^;;

okay, so I'm building a Guitar, from scratch. I cut the wood for the body, sanded it down, and made, checked, rechecked, and triple checked measurements. Everything is planned, but I just need one thing to get started. I need to hollow out a place to put the pick-up's, two single coils, In a Strat style pickguard. What tool would best be used for this? any help is much appreciated, and as soon as I get it done, I'll put pictures up


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I think your talking about routing? You would need a router to cut the holes, then. And a drill for the other holes (screw holes, etc...)

What type of wood, what type of guitar? (curious, not that it's relevant!)
call me technologicaly unadvanced, but where might I buy one, and how much do they go for?

And wood type is unknown at the moment. I have a feeling its maple though, Mom brought it for me. Strong though! =D And type of guitar...hm...I was thinking of almost a B.C Rich/Strat styde (got all my pre measurements from a Fender Strat, built off of that). I'll send pictures of the body soon as I get home. The guitar is meant for heavier music however
I googled it and found that home depot sells them...


I don't own one, so I dont know if that one is strong/big enough, so don't ask me that but it's obvious that stores such as Home Depot sell them.

If you need more info on routers, go here: