(Still) looking for an amp in the 300 to 500$ range (at most). Tried the valveking, left unsatisfied. Haven't heard enough of the windsor and was wondering what your guys knew about it. Can it do mid to high gain tones with a pretty good clean channel? The power sponge sounds like a nice feature to have when you're sharing walls...

It's this or I just shell out for a higher priced Carvin this christmas and get a hot plate or something along those lines
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I haven't tried it, but I've heard its cleans are basically nonexistant...where are you getting a Windsor and cab for $500, though? That's a pretty sweet deal.

Or if you're talking about the Windsor Studio, I have absolutely no idea.

Also, you might want to look into buying that Carvin used, their resale value is ridiculously low. I think you're probably going to have to go a little above $500 to get a nice high-gain tube combo, even used though.

I've also heard that the Valveking can sound far better once its speakers are broken in, which takes a lot of playing, and that it also can be immensely improved by speaker and tube replacement.
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Yeah I mean the Windsor studio, only like three youtube videos of players using it and I don't have a feel for the sound.

The carvin I was thinking about was either a Legacy or V3. Although, I do think the V3 sounds a little dull in my ears based on Carvin's demo video.

As for the Valveking sounding better once the speakers broken in, I'm still unsure and don't want to wait to hear the difference after owning it for several months, you know?
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- Douglas Adams
windsor studio isn't even out yet... or is it?
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Ahh, The Windsor.... The head is basicaly JCM800 on riods.

The studio... mystery

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Quote by beckyjc

I might make my friend buy one. Were off to try windsors on teh weekend.

you can get it way cheaper than that. I don't think it's out yet, though. that might be a pre-order.
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Well here is a short video of it with some dude playing it...

Doesn't sound too JCMish to me, although the EQ probably isn't EQ'ed to anything I'd play on...
"Don't panic, everything is falling neatly out of order"
- Douglas Adams
I heard January. pushed back again. (so I think)

^^Yeah pre-prder

^And thats gear-wire, looks like its somewhere like NAMM 07.
Just a sorta insight to what it is. not avail to the public yet.

And the head is compared to a hot-roded jcm, the combo might be a whole different story!
If the head had a clean channel and a footswitch for channel and boost, I would jump all over it. But nope : /
"Don't panic, everything is falling neatly out of order"
- Douglas Adams
any news yet? Im still waiting for this thing to come out!! I need to downsize my amp. You'd think peavey would of had it out by now. Its been over a year!

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