Hi, i need some help.

I'm an average guitar player looking to expand his knowledge of scales. i know most of the ones in 5th position and a few in open. which ones would you UGer's recommend?

Pentatonic scale
Major scale and all of it's modes
Harmonic minor and all of it's modes
Melodic minor and all of it's modes

All of those, all over the fretboard.
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lydian mode
harmonic minor
Adds some variety in your sounds
If you want everything right in front of you, look into the Guitar Grimoire (you can find it at Barnes & Noble I know for sure, probably other book stores, too).
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I agree with learning all the major and minor scales, but try to also get a book on theory and understand what the scales are and how they are made up. This will train your ear as well. I would also work on chromatic scales in various positions and variations.
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