He was playing indoor soccer and he got checked into the boards after he was walking away from scoring a goal. It was a cheap shot. He broke his ribs and his lung collapsed. I am assuming it is serious but I cant get any info on it, is he going to be okay?
He should be but it's pretty serious. How long has he been in intensive care? Good luck to him though.
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The guy who shoved him in to the wall should have his balls teared off with a pitchfork

Hope your friend is good to go soon
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Wow, I hope he gets better soon. It sounds serious but not hopefully life threatening. The person who did it must be a complete asshole.

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I have a friend with a medical condition, the nature of which means she is often in intensive care. It's an imtimidating place to be I know, I've visited there enough times.

A puntured lung SHOULD be sorted out. He has one good lung don't forget. That might be assisted if he's intubated and/or on a ventilator. I'm assuming he's had surgery already. Will prolong his stay on the ICU.

It's difficult to say without knowing the specifics of his accident.

I'm not a doctor, I have no 'medical' training as such, I've worked in a hospital but am not qualified. So don't assume anything I've said be be the truth. Dont take my word as medical advice.
He got hit after he scored? What a jerk he should be forced to pay for your friends medical bills in full.
yea, it was a 2-2 game with like 6 minutes left and he scores. As he was walking back to his position I see one of the guys from the other team slam him into the boards and he just never got up.
hes got another lung right?

but seriously, if hes got to the hospital in a timely manner he should be alright. i hope he recovers soon and well.
its ****ty he was playing indoor soccer and not a more manly sport... i mean thats pretty harsh for indoor soccer...

he'll live dont worry. ppl get ****ed up way worse and live, like that chick who got shot twice in the head point blank and only was blind after...

he could have lost a finger, snapped the biggest bone in his body, or ****ed up their brain with a major concussion, like many of my friends have playing hockey.
OUCH man I know what it's like, my mate was in intensive care not that long ago, he was playing cricket and his partner took a hit and swung the bat, with crap grips the bat came out of the guys hands and smacked my mate square on the head >.<

Apparently he ain't going to be as talented as he was before a sport, which sucks, he was amazing at football
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well hes lucky the ribs didn't pierce the heart...lungs tend to recover rather good...he'll most likely be fine...but damn...thats still a serious injury...he should sue that bastards ass that did that to him
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Holy ****. I hope he is going to fully recover. I can't say I've ever been injured, so I don't know what it's like. I'm sorry, man.
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i dont think that something like that is too life threatening these days. i wouldnt be surprised if it takes a while to recover though.
You definitely need to exact vengeance upon the jerk that put him in there.
dude my best friend's lungs all of a sudden one day collapsed and he was in icu for like 3 months... after trying to fix him like 5 times it finally worked but they still don't know why it happend... that was a scary ass few months...
He should be fine, but unlikely to play soccer for a while.


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Dude, that sucks. I know how it feels. My Best friend was intensive care after a car crash. She did die but it was a bloody bloody crash. Not to scare you or anything but she was in pretty bad condition. I'm sure your friend will be fine. Still, you and him are in my prayers.
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yeah lung related things suck. i was in ICU for 6 days for chest surgery and spent 3 months recovering. the worst part is how it hurts EVERY time you breathe, and you have to lay on your back because your chest is so sore. i'd imagine a punctured lung would hurt a lot too.
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did that start a huge fight? if someone dropped my teammate like that we'd be all over them in an instant.