This is my newest metal song after a huge slump in my writing. I started a funk band and was writing material for that, and this si the first metal song I've written since then. I'm very happy with this one, and it mighgt be my favortie song that I've written. The only thing I think is a little rough is the transition into the melodic section at 83 and 131. I'd like opinions there because I don't know if it's as rough as I think it is, or if I'm being too critical of my own work. Crit for crit and whatnot.
Thrash song again again.zip
Solo was pretty cool. Only thing I would do is throw in a couple of Pinch Harmonics in the first 50 seconds of the song. Could just be me cause Im a pinch harmonic freakazoid like sum 1 we all know Cough*Zakk*Cough but other than that with the right vocals this can be a sic song.
I liked it a lot, well written.

Being a bassist, I liked how it wasnt entirely root notes the whole time, the couple fills/semi-lead things you threw in were great.

It was slightly repetitive, but that can be fixed with vocals.

all in all, awesome job.
ya sorry for not getting to this sooner

well u had some good riffs in there like bars 26-30 and some of the intro. The harmony and solo were pretty good, liked the solo. The riff in bars 79-82 are pretty cool but need more of a catchy thing going cause they sound to straight up if u know what i mean. maybe palm mute more to fill a little time. The other solos in the song weren't too good to be honest but this is melodic thrash so. Overall nice, some good ideas, pretty decent.
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pretty good dude. keep up the good work although id love to hear you play it and not GP
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