So, I'm done citing my references for my bibliography. How my professor said alphabetically order, is that certain types? Like do books get citied first, then websites, or is just by the author..like the websites author last name could be first? If i confused anyone, what i mean is.. For who comes first is just by the last name of the author no matter it being a book or a site? Thanks
whatever the first letter for each source is...alphabetize by that
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Yeah i know its the last name of the author, but I'm saying it doesn't matter if its a book or a site ? I'm pretty sure its any kind of ref but just the last name has to be in order?, thanks again
Its probably just alphabetical regardless of the information, its not like one piece of info is more superior than the other. I'm pretty sure type of source doesn't matter, check with someone, i mean he didn't specify EXACTLY did he? Just alphabetical so do what he says.

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