im trying to set up a router and it says enter the ip address of your router. how do i find the ip adress of my router?
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Well... Does anyone know if routers have network names? If they do, just go into command, type "ping (whatever network name your router has)" without the quotes. that should give you the ip. if routers have ip's, that is.
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I believe it should also be on the bottom of your modem (the box thing where the cable or DSL comes in)
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the ip to access the router firmware right ?

if thats so, it should say in the manual
of it doesnt, try,,

these are the most common ones that i know of, should work, it will ask for user and password
just enter
user: admin
pass: admin
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Make sure you open the cmd prompt and do ping, if you do it straight from the run it'll close the prompt before you can read it.
Your router does not have a fixed external IP address (I think ), but a fixed internal address on your local area network. I'd go with

Good luck!
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