Hey everyone I had an account on demonoid but quit using it for a little while. I just went back and it says that demonoid is now completely done.... I have been looking for a good recording program and yeah I know it's wrong and it's stealing but it's not like it's for commercial use or anything but to have some fun with. Does anybody know how I can go about getting something like this without buying it? btw I have a Mac and I know GB is good but I can't stand how it works and there's better ones out there. Thanks again.
Yeah, but the search bar is still there.

that would have worked if you hadn't of asked about another way to go about it.
ahh just try some other torrent sites like Pirate bay and Isohunt.
Hypercam is free, and works good.

Only thing is that unless you pay, 'Unregistered HyperCam' appears in the upper left corner of your video.
I really want Logic Studio after using it in an Apple Store a few weeks ago, it looked amaing so I'd recommend it...

I haven't tried torrenting it yet but I'm sure you could find it somewhere.

Sorry that I didn't really answer your question.
Ahh man . . . I really hope the old demon is down for to long. Was my favorite tracker around, so many good times, so many albums downloaded. Well I have been trying to get around to use USENET anyway, I'll try that out tonight. Piratebay is the only other torrent tracker I can think of off the top of my head.
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