I'll try and keep this simple and to the point:

My laptop has 3 USB inserts. I have my iLok for Pro Tools in one(has to be in). I have my Wireless mouse/keyboard router in the 2nd(has to be in, i have the laptop tucked away and a monitor attached). And in my 3rd insert, i have my USB interface, also for Pro Tools, inserted(this, also has to stay).

My problem is, now that I have a MIDI keyboard(USB powered also) and will undoubtedly get more USB powered equipment in the future, how am I supposed to attach these????

You may be thinking "Get a USB HUB or something like that." Tried it. Everything i tried to attach to the HUB says it isnt recognized. I read the manuals for my Pro Tools and Midi keyboard and it says "These devices are not supported by USB hubs and must be attached directly to your computer" Well wtf, how am i supposed to use it all then? I havent come across a computer with 10 USB inserts, not in my days.

Basically, i cant record anything efficiently without having a way to attack all of this to my computer at once. Any guidence???
Get a new computer. Sounds stupid but I dont see another way. Weird it doesnt work with usb hubs

My friends computer has 9 USB ports
Yep, it's well known that pro tools doesn't support USB hubs.

Why exactly do you have an iLok fro Pro Tools?

My computer also has 9 USB ports. One of them is high speed, but I don't know which
Quote by BrianApocalypse

Why exactly do you have an iLok fro Pro Tools?

M-Powered requires a Pre-Authorized iLok, or it wont even open. It's the same thing as if you didnt have an interface connected, Pro Tools gives you a message, and closes.

Yeah i'm probably just gonna have to get a tower then... Because my laptop just cant even handle something like this for some reason. I mean, i have an average PC upstairs that i used to be on all the time before i got this, and i could run Guitar Pro 5 on it without it missing a click or anything. On HERE, it slows down from time to time, it can barely handle Pro Tools(unlike what the manufacturer has claimed), yet it handles Reason 4.0 perfect. I dont get it.

Maybe getting a good tower with a good audio card is the way to go.
Cubase SX3 uses the same sort of idea....BUT, there are Software USB dongles, such as H20 for Cubase, that run as little taskbar apps. They make the computer believe theres a dongle inserted, but its just a software app. Not sure if its legal, but i dont think that matters.
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Does your laptop have an old standard serial port? Get a mouse that works with that and that should free up a USB port. But many DAW interfaces over USB won't work through a HUB. You are better to use Firewire as your interface, if you are serious about recording.

But this is another good example of why I don't like Pro tools, its got too many rules to follow. It is technically a more capable setup though.
yeh that was gonna be my suggestion. find some hacker or guy who knows what he's talking about, and make those dongles virtual, such as h2o's 'tooltip', then you will free up ur ports
laptops have that card slot on them.
get yourself a card with usb and firewire ports on it and use the added ports on the card for your keyboard and all standard gear.
use the music gear with the on board USB ports.

Best way to go is with a tower type PC....it sounds like just what you need.
My desktop has 7 USB2.0 ports, 3 up front and 4 in the back plus one firewire port. Nice setup and I have plenty of room for expansion.
If you ever need more USB ports on a desktop you can install a card with more.
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Yeah i went in to a local Computer Center and I was gonna get a quote on a custom build PC for me, but he was gonna get back to me on the quote, said it was gonna be far less than 1300 USD.

My laptop came with a card with 3 firewire slots in it, problem is, my interface is USB powered, not Firewire. So that's out of the question. The motherboard he was gonna put in my new tower has 12 USB ports and 3 firewire, so i'll be set, for about $100.

The main specs that i can remember:

Audio Card: Soundblaster X-Fi HD

NVidia Graphics Card(cant remember model)

2gig RAM

12USB 3Firewire ports

I think i'm gonna head the tower type PC way though, judging by the responses i've been getting.

Another little question: Are the buffer options(such as Playback Buffer Size) determined by your interface, soundcard, or what? I only have one option: 256 samples for playback. But other guys are telling me they get options ranging from 128-1024 samples. What determines your options??? Cuz i've been thinking about upgrading to a Digi002 Rackmount rather than my MobilePre since i'm not gonna be on the road anymore.

You guys have been really helpful to me, by the way. Thanks.