Hey, I've got an Ibanez Prestige Series RG1570 and I'm replacing the bridge pup with a Bill Lawrence USA L500XL. Problem is, I've lost the wiring diagram. So I would really apprecaite if someone could either point me towards a picture of one or tell all the info on it.
Ok, one last question. On the diagram for the ibanez (go to ibanez.com, click on usa, electronnics and accessories, support, wiring diagrams, guitar, 2007, RG1570), there are two wires connected to the 5-way, but for my Lawrence, there's only 1? to which terminal should I put it.

By the way, I'm putting this in the bridge position.
4 wires and a braid, but the green and white are supposed to be twisted together then insulated, and the black and braid/shield are both grounded to a pot. The red wire is the only one that actually goes to the switch.
You got yourself a fine guitar. Is the 1570 all they say it is on the reviews? I was interested in buying one of these...

I would try to find lawrence's official website and find their wiring diagrams. They would know about this