i was thinking about getting a new guitar to upgrade from my ibanez 170dx. i would like it inbetween 400 to 600 but nothing higher i play a lot of metal, maybe some softer rock like zep or beatles sometimes. pretty much just looking for a well rounded guitar. i am looking at a epi les paul custom with alpine white and gold hardware , its about 600 so something kind of like that. i also have a roland 15x amp that suits me perfectly and plz no comments about getting a new amp, i like it fine
Check out reverend guitars. pretty good prices, ive heard good things about them. They are original too.

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I second the Ibanez SZ notion. I believe Michael Kelly guitars are in that price range, they're pretty rockin'. You could probably score a Jackson RR3 Rhoads or a Dinky too.
cool thanks guys i really was straying towards an epi les paul but im open to new ideas. i love jacksons so ill check out the randy rhoads and dinky. the ibanez's sound sweet as well so ill go to my local Dave's Guitar Shop and check em out.