so my computer crashed a couple days ago. i ran a scan on norton and it found:

- "Adware.systemprocess"
- "Downloader"
- "Adware.systemprocess"
- "Adware.Zangosearch"
- "Adware.Zangosearch"

i ran a scan in spybot search and destroy in safe mode, and it found:

- security center disabled

but today, when i opened firefox, all my extensions and themes were gone. also, in the search bar thing, everything was gone except for live search. the "default beep" was replaced by a beep from the computer, and there was no logoff and logon sound. Now Spybot search and destroy is nowhere to be found, and the security center is disabled again.

any suggestions on what i should do?

edit: the internet is also very slow.
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do a system restore before you did any scans. then do another scan and see if the files are there, and if they are, delete them yourself
Just save your important files and reinstall your OS, it doesn't exactly take longer anyway.
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ok i found out my dad did a system restore... but that doesn't explain everything...