me and my freind are in a heated debate about scales, this may take a while but ill try to explain this.....

in the major scale in c, the notes are cdefgabc, and the pattern is wwhwwwh (whole step half step)

if you move to the e major scale and follow the patern it goes e f# g# a b c# d# e

my friend thinks its correct, but i think it should al be naturals efgabcde, and that the patern is still intack,the loop just begins in a different place(instad of wwhwwwh, its hwwwhww

so who (if either of us) are right, and isnt his scale a phyrgian?
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The E major scale is E F# G# A B C# D# E. The E Phrygian mode is E F G A B C D.
so its the pattern that defines the notes, not the other way around?
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