Okay guys, I am a tube guy 1000%. I have $500 dollars saved up that was going toward a Laney VH100R, but I don't think I will get it any time soon. I was considering a BOSS GT-8, but am sceptical. In my experience, a tube amp just kills everything on the market.

I was wondering what you guys think about this piece of equipment. I play mostly metal, so i was wondering if the distortion channels will be up to par.
Personally, I can say that the distortion/amp sims on the unit are great. There are plenty of great metal amp sims, like a rectifier, soldano, etc. As for its effect on the tube tone, talk to TwoString.
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I say the distortion amp models are pretty decent but they don't hold a candle to real hi gain tube amps.
ive heard that the gt-8 is a very nice unit. it has some very nice modeling and many of the effects sound brilliant. however, i am really not a fan of digital distortions or modelling of distortions. i would prefer something like the gt-8 in an effects loop to use all the other stuff it offers, but thats just me. it is a nice peice of gear, i am just a bit skeptical that it is going to do what you are looking for.
The GT-8 is pretty good in the manual mode. This way you can cut the individual effects of and on. I rarely use the amp models on mine, unless I modify their sound to suit me and my amp, a Crate Xt120. If you don't fiddle with the eq, you get a lot of digital noise. If you have the time for it's monsterous learning curve, it's a pretty good piece of equipment. I'm trading mine in at the LMS for some EH effect pedals, just because I'm trying to simplify my set up. There is so much in the GT-8 that I don't even use, it's a waste. Maybe if your a studio guy and have a use for the multitude of effects in it , but I'm not.
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oh dude, the gt-8 is so worth having in your arsenal. i used to own one and i only played it through tube amps. it sounded awesome even with the modeling. there aren't as many amp models as the pod xt, but the amp models are way better IMO.

for the price you can get one on ebay, you would still have money left to start saving for a new amp. nothing beats having a really nice effects processor at your feet when playing live or the studio. you can have all the presets you need and emulate many different sounds. often times the audience is picky and won't like it if you don't sound very similar to the bands you're covering. having a nice modeler like that can really pay off.
I'll tell you this...for nearly a year, the Rectifier sim on the GT-8 going direct into the power amp of my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe was my high gain sound...period. A lower gain setting (around 20 or 30 on the GT-8) with the Rectifier amp model coupled with the Tone Modify effect will get you a pretty grate tube-ish sound. Yes, it's not "the real thing", but you're trying to model the physical effect of having a cranked tube amp in the same room with you. Of course it's not going to sound the same live. Recorded, it's pretty close. If you want to hear for yourself, go to bossgtcentral.com and look up TeeJay and listen to his sound clips.