Whenever I play a note, and take my finger off the string, there is this horrible buzzing noise that is consistent with every note I play, I'm making complete sure that my fingers aren't touching any other strings. Its only when I take my finger off. Is it possible i'm taking it off too fast? This didn't really happen all that much when I first started playing a month or so ago. Its getting really discouraging and making me not even want to practice...
electric im asuming reat your hand on something metal on the guitar to put it to ground

if not i have no other suggestions
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it could be ur amp, my MG10 does that alot, but mainly when im sitin next to a computer, but my DA15 doesnt do it at all.
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^^ yeah if u sit next to ur comp monitor while playing, it makes an ANNOYING ass buzz, but just buy a Noise Suppressor by Boss, or w/e pedal company you prefer, its harder to get pinch harmonics out but it works like a charm =)
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Thanks. I'm using a crappy starter amp, and i'm planning on buying a new one anyway, so it should work out.
oh its def your amp then
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