i want to put a single coil in the neck of this strat that im customizing and a humbucker in the bridge. Is there any websites where you can make your own pickguards or do any of you know where i can find a pickguard that has a single neck pup and a bridge humbucker?
i'm doing the same mods on a squire strat at the moment just for interests sake what humbucker you booting? i'm not buying a new plate D.I.Y brutha

you can use the origional pick guard if you unable to find a gaurd that fits the humbucker mod by... 1. use steak knife cut a square in the plastic where you want the pick up. 2. the screws on the origional plate won't match your intended mod so cut a peice of plastic(or any other material) to use as a boarder that will out line the hole you just cut in the scratch plate. 3. screw the border to the scratch plate - scratch plate to the humbucker and bob's your uncle.

N.B. you can use an aray of materials for the border plus for neatness sake you might want to make a border for the other pups. wrap the border with foil/ burn it/ scratch it/ chew on it/ make it creative. mastercard can for everything else out doing your self by having your own custom scratchplate priceless. and hey if you mess up you can always by one.

draw a circle with the circumference that your whole scratchplate will fit into onto a A3 sheet of card board. draw lines disecting the circle of aproxamatley 1cm then cut those lines out. place the cut out over your scratch plate and spray it the same color as your guitar. spray clear varnish over the plate...

i can't figure out how to put pictures up?
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you'll probably need to fill, re drill and route few extra cavity's for this to work. but hey if thats what you want then go for it. i was tempted to so a blue strat with a leopard pickguard and throw in an on board distortion driver. i'll probably still do it, but for the moment Im putting my modding skills to the test with a super strat.