i want as many replies to this as possible to see if we can establish some sort of link (or deny a link) between your first guitar and your future likes and dislikes in guitars.

for example, my first guitar had low action, and alder body, twin pups and rosewood fretboard with jumbo frets and a compound radius of 12-16. i have had other guitars ranging from low budget to high end and unless they fit this, i have hated them. how about you lot?
My first guitar was a no name hollowbody w/ twin humbuckers and sort of an SG shape. Now I play a Clapton Strat, a Carlson PG-51 and personally, I dont like SG's so in my case I would say no.
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hahahaha my first guitar was a knockoff strat with high action

im now playing a schecter C-1 Blackjack
low as fuk action
neck thru
twin seymore duncan humbuckers

only the shape and neck and color bear any similarities

so no not nececarily
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First guitar was an SG copy made out of mohagony and rosewood fretboard.

Now i prefer my Fender Tele over it...I like the feel of the maple neck, sound of single coil pickups, lower action (though not for shredding), and the metal knobs. The only thing i don't quite like on this one is that it only has 21 frets and the highest ones aren't quite accessible.
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My first guitar was an acoustic Alvarez.

It had dots on the fretboard, which I have come to hate.

I like the 3x3 headstock style, as it had, rather then the 6x style.

That's all I can think of.
i only have one guitar... , but ive played many guitars and the only 2 id ever buy are a les paul or strat (maybe a tele), because i just like the way the les paul feels, but i just love that nice bright tone of the strat
my first guitar was a yamaha eg 112c. it came with a crapy strap that busted with in a month and a cable that was complete crap. it stoped workin after oh say 2 or 3 months. and i hated it. i up graded to a dean then a epiphone les paul standard and i fell in love with that epiphone. but i lost it in a fire. =[[[ but yea i hated it sooo much after a wile i decided to go the les paul route (the dean was the closest cheap guitar i could find Read my review) after a wile i was hooked on the les paul body and what not. i dislike the strat style guitars now... but i dont hate them. just wont play them
My first guitar was a B.C. Rich Warlock...and after I smashed the piece of ****, I started playing classical guitar.

I think you may be on to something here Mr. Coben...
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my first was a knockoff fatstrat. nowadays i use les pauls but with raised action. i like the strat feel but love the humbucker sound.
my first guitar was a super strat, that my mate lent me for a few months to see if i wanted to play guitar, its action was real low, and only had 22 frets no idea what it was made out of tho.

my first guitar i actuly payed for was a epiphone SG faded in cherry red, it had a higher action and i liked it but it, but it wasnt what i wanted from my guitar, i wanted a trem, 24 frets and a more metal guitar.

i think for me there is a link between my first guitar and what i would only concider in buying again, for me the only thing it would need is 24 frets, and depending on what else i wanted like a hard tail or something cauze changing tuneing with a trem ****s me off, but i love making crazy sounds with em.
My first guitar was a Squier Bullet, and now I barely play anything besides a guitar with 2 humbuckers and a mahogany body.
Strange... most people use guitars that are quite different from their first ones (single coils to humbuckers, mohagony to maple, strat to les paul). I think in a way this might be cuz mostly everyone one here started with low quality guitars that they probably ended up hating and that's why they look for something "different" without realizing why.

Our tastes were shaped to dislike what we started with due to ****y instruments.

anyone with me?
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.
i started with a squire went to ibanez and now im back on a custom fender start and i love sooo yea guess.
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lol... I'm still playing my first guitar!

It's a first Act... It the ME1826392279273 something model.... XD It still kicks major ass though!

i have two other guitars... one vinci electric...(a rip off strat) and a Lyon acoustic..

I'm saving up for a Gibson Black beauty... when im 17 ill have enough money...
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first guitar was the classic cheap squier strat. im getting a gibson sg once i can. so no i dont think theres much of a relation.
My first electric is the same one im playing now. Its a highway 1 strat, rosewood fretboard. The action is right in the middle, not too high, but not very low either. I love the single coil sounds on cleans but i prefer humbuckers with any sorta overdrive or distortion so i plopped in a sd lil'59. I guess i do prefer the way strats play to just about anything else. I bought a gibson firebird a little while ago and just dont like it nearly as much as my strat, nor have i liked any other guitar as much as my strat
i think people really just go by feel and sound playability and of course looks

and then form loyalties

and possibly even get endorsed later on
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My first guitar was a cheap Epi Les Paul. Now I have another Epi, a Dot Deluxe this time. I guess my first guitar being Epiphone and having humbuckers did influence me some.
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My first guitar was steel-string, cheap wood, acoustic, low action made in a factory.

The guitar I plan on getting is nylon-string classical, and the action has a radius effect, so the first frets have a low action, while the higher frets have a higher action. It was handmade in Mexico, with cedar-top wood.
My first guitar was an Ephiphone Les Paul Special with a baseball bat neck that was extremely slow made of who knows what kind of wood and had two humbuckers

Now i can't stand Les Pauls and use thin necked Ibanez super-strat's

I see no similarty except maybe a turn-off from Les Pauls
my first guitar was this crap johnson guitar i dont know anything about but seriously half the frets were ****ed up and you couldnt play them...ANYTHING was better then that piece of ****
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