Yah I know, I'm not very good with effects but what does Mike Dirnt use to get that growling sound (i.e. When I Come Around, Longview, etc.) Thanks!
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P bass (though me may have still been on his Gibson Ripper or Growler, I forget which one he used for Dookie) with Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups, pick, tone knob up. Mesa Boogie amps. Roundwound strings, probably the brightest you can find. Far as I can tell he runs a pretty dry setup, so not much help on the effects front, but I know he uses an "Evil Twin" DI box.

And I don't even like Green Day. Amazing what a google search can do.
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Look at his signature bass and get new strings. Pretty much any P-bass pickup can do the trick.
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in dookie i think he used his old gibson
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