This is a new direction for me as far as writing goes. I'm not sure exactly what you would call this style as far as sub-genres go. It's not as heavy as my other more progy stuff. I guess you could call it black metal. You'd be wrong, but I guess you could call it that.

Please critque my work of art.

I'll return the flavor.

P.S. The song origionally started at measure 33 and I just recently added the intro.
Pure Sax.zip
That was amazing. At times the bass could be annoying, but thats just me, im not much of a 'bass as a lead instrument' man. I loved the piano so much. The jazz guitaring starting at 33 suited the mood so much. The solo was amazing also. This song reminded me of Freebird a little.

Great work 9.5/10
Very interesting. I think this definitely needs a good heartfelt vocal performances over it in a ballad kind of way, which I suppose may mean having to sacrifice some of the lead instrument lines (or indeed using them for the vocals with the other instruments mirroring). Would make a powerful ballad for sure, reminded me of Next Year by Foo Fighters. Loved the subtle touches of jazz guitars in the background, but I'd make the sax a little more chilled out, with less constant quavers. However, those quaver lines could certainly work well if you've got vocals over them, it's got a bit of a chorus vibe to it.

LOVED the solo, great job on that, interesting drums to keep it alive, though it also goes on to follow the sax quaver lines which I'm not so big on. PErhaps put some harmonised overdubs on that section? That would sound great. The ending was really euphoric, great stuff there (though some of the chords kind of lingered...). Nice fadeout to the piano too, though I think the piano could have repeated that part once more then finished with the chord.

Overall great job, couple of things which could be improved but certainly nothing big.

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