Why don't they just give all the rice they have, instead of making people answer questions to donate rice?
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why are the words so hard? why 10 grains? do they hate starving people or something?
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ive done 2000 this week, and the words arent hard im usually at between level 35 and 40.

if you get a few consecutive words wrong the level drops
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Just donated 1000 grains. It's pretty easy au
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Why don't they just give all the rice they have, instead of making people answer questions to donate rice?

Rice isnt free. The advertisements at the bottom of the screen help to pay for it
Very neat concept. I just did 500.

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As cool of a cause this is for, there is way too many threads on it.
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Why not just click a button and they donate rice? Seems much more charitably functional.
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