Hey guys, I'm thinkin' of buying a pickup for my Ibanez Artwood. Now so far what I've seen that I like is the Dean Markley pickups. However, this guy at Guitar Center said that the Fishman acoustic pickups are very very good. The problem is the Dean Markley is 60 bucks and the Fishman is 120. What do you think I should buy? Or maybe I should get a different pickup entirely? Thanks.
He was proberly saying it's very very good because it's double the price. I'd read reviews on them both and decide from that (:.

I've got a Dean Markely, and it's decent. It's passive so it needs a preamp or to have the volume cranked up a bit, but it has a decent sound. You need to either wire a pickup jack on the guitar, or get some extra cable though; it comes with one attatched that's only 15' long. But it's worked fine, and the tone is pretty sweet. So it gets my vote for a good soundhole pickup.

EDIT: Best thing to do is, go to your store and try them both. As long as they just pop right in, the employee should let you try them out.
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