My theory teacher convinced me to play for the school's Jazz band ensamble, which I'm pretty exciting about doing. But, I mainly play acoustic and only have 1 electric, and that's a Squier Strat (not bashing it, I love the little thing to death) and the teacher suggested something that naturally has a more bluesy or jazzy sound to it. I've been toying with the idea of getting myself a new present lately, and was thinking about a new electric.

I've play semi-hollows before several times at stores, and have heard stories about their tone. I've play an Epiphone Dot, which I remember liking the feel of, and a cheaper Gretsch, which was also nice. Any suggestions from everyone? I'm looking at about $400-500 to spend, not including case or anything like that. I want something that's nicely built, has a good sound and feel, and that's handsome but not really flashy. Anyone have any experiance?

Also, any experiance with pedals in this situation? The teacher mentioned them...I'm not sure if I'll need an amp, I may just be playing into a PA. But would I need something like a volume pedal, or a little overdrive for a harsher sound? I need to talk to him more about this honestly...
you really have to talk to your band instructor about this. i play guitar for my schools jazz band, and i get no pedals or anything. just me through a clean amp.

i use my PRS, and it works great.

and by the way- CHORD CHANGES = DEATH

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I say go for the epiphone dot, ive been wanting to get into my schools jazz band just so id have an excuse to buy one.
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Check out an Epi Casino
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Ibanez makes full hollows that you might like. Both the Epiphone Rivera (I think) and the Casino (which is just awesome in general) might work as well.