I was just wondering, what are different people's favorite Les Paul Models, and why? I'm looking to save up and eventually get one, and was curious to know other's favorite.
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I have a les paul classic 1960 reissue and love it, the most comfortable guitar ive ever played. and it has an ultra thing neck that i love.
Epiphone Les Paul 100
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ok heres the very sad deal i was wondering if there was any girls who love guitar and music
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never had one but ive played it and its amazing I love the feel im getting it for christmas
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ok heres the very sad deal i was wondering if there was any girls who love guitar and music
on here who live in california who are willing to go out with me
Id say an Epi LP Custom. Looks amazing, solid mahogany body (i think), and good pickups. All for only $600. I would say a Gibson LP Custom, but its soooo expensive. Like $3K.

My favorite LP Model is the one I'm building, which is both neck and string through with a quilted top stained blue (mimicing the ocean, with all chrome hardware, including knobs on pots). It is a 25.5" scale with an Air Norton in the neck and Super distortion in the bridge. It will be sonic sex.
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Try those new Les Paul GT's....they look pretty sweet!
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I had a 71 Gibson Les Paul Custom in cherry sunburst with cream binding, gold hardware, Black Pickgaurd. The pup covers had the Gibson Logo on them. Paid $300.00 for it. It was a sweet guitar and my favorite LP. My second fave was a 77 Tobacco Sunbust 55-77 reissue with P90s. I only paid $125.00 for. Sold them for not much more than I paid but that was close to 20 years ago. I would be happy with a new Gibson of the same type and quality.

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If I ever get another lp it would be goldtop.
But I played one of their vos models at a guitar center and it was the best guitar I've ever played as of now. I've got a standard in desert burst and I love it to death. The neck is a little bit beefy, which is a plus for me, and I like the way they put the binding over the ends of the fret bars.
I might be getting one of those 2004 epi LP standards because I can get a great price from some dude.
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IMO, anyone with a "Gibson" logo on the headstock. Great tone, great sustain- The perfect guitar, really.
As do Avenged Sevenfold.
And Children of Bodom.
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'57 LP Black Beauty... 2 pups... I love it... oh lord I just wet myself...
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Gibson Custom Shop VOS '59 LP. Preferably of course an actual LP from 1959, but hey, that's unlikely. I'd probably want a different finish though... AAA flame maple top with a translucent version of the Violet Burst they put on the LP Goddess.

Failing that, Epiphone Custom in Alpine White, upgrade the pickups to Burstbucker #2 and #3, switch the tuners, and you're good to go. It's better than one of my Gibsons and almost as good as the other in terms of it's 'on paper' spec, though in terms of playing I find I prefer the Epi neck profile, so for me personally I'd say it's about as good as you can get.

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I might be getting one of those 2004 epi LP standards because I can get a great price from some dude.
2004? Then it'll be one of the older alder/mahogany ones, lower quality pots and pickups too. I wouldn't touch it, no matter how cheap it might be.

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Epiphone Les Paul 100

... Oh wait, you're serious?
A Legacy LP. Emerald series.

You can have a beautiful LP with a hardcase, EMG-HZ pickups, Alpha pots, Switchcraft jack, Switchcraft toggle switch, Locking tuners and a Earvana compensating nut.

For the same price as an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and half a hardcase. GOOD!
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They look so ugly compared to a Les Paul though.

they look great when youre standing with them. I compared mine to an Epiphone les paul standard and the LG kicked the crap out of it.

Recently tried a Gibson les paul standard faded 50s. Thats better than the Godin (but what do you expect for a 1100 euro price difference?)
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I've played a few and really want one. I've heard they are heavy and wear you out and your back...

I just want one.
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too bad the new ones suck. Or else I would increase my stock with gibson. But nope, not gonna play a chambered guitar..especially one your paying over 2G's for.
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i have a epi les paul special II and fuke love it. just because it cheap doesent mean it crap and i only payed $260
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They look so ugly compared to a Les Paul though.

They aren't ugly, you've obviously never actually seen them. >=O
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my 1970's Ibanez "lawsuit" Les Paul! Best playing guitar I've ever touched and just an incredible feeling neck.
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Not that im a big les paul fan....but i certainly wont turn down a custom shop guitar with an AAA quilted maple top with neckthru construction, so there's none of that bulky heel.
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I am not a huge fan of the Epiphones, but I can tell you that every Gibson Les Paul (yes, with the Gibson brand on it) I picked up at Guitar Center played great! I would have to say the Studios or Classics. But that's all my GC really had.
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Custom VOS.
Custom shop '57 Black Beauty.
A nice Goldtop.
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'59 or '60 Reissue, flame maple top, Cherry or Vintage sunburst.

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I have an Epi LP Custom, Alpine white. Switched the pickups with a JB and SH2n and i love it.
The kind made by fender that is a strat.

But seriously if you're just talking about les paul style PRS singlecut SE or not it's awesome.
I think it's better than it's gibson counterpart cos they worked on the weight problem, they worked on the chunkiness and it's over all better feeling and it's great sounding too I was going to get one until the strat kicked in and I'm getting a Japanese fender strat.