So I've recently been thinking about getting a new axe, particularly a Gibson Les Paul Custom. However, I know that Epiphone also makes these. Is there really a big difference between the two, is the Gibson worth the extra money?
well, we're looking at a BIG money difference here.

gibson is around $3500
epiphone is around $600

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I think an Epiphone Les Paul is fine as my friend has one and it feels to me nearly as good as a Gibson, and would be cheaper to upgrade to sound just as good.
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yea the gibson lp customs cost a ton more but the sound difference is obvious.
id say just go with the epiphone as it is a pretty good guitar and much cheaper.
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Why do people ask dumb questions like this?

OF COURSE THERE"S A DIFFERENCE, they wouldn't sell the same product for 3 grand more!

The are the same shape, but other than that they are totally different.
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Gibson's QC on anything new is totally substandard for the prices they are asking. Check out Agile as well if you are looking for a cheaper model that still performs very well.
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If you have the money y not get a gibson, but if ur like me, the epi will serve u great for wat ur paying
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A Custom Shop Gibson is one of the best playing guitars out there.

Keep in mind that it costs around $3500 and an Epi is about $700.

The Epiphone is a great guitar as well, but its no Gibson Custom.