He stoned two other dogs to death? Hope it bites his dick off the dirty little beastiality fan.

what a douche... who stones dogs to death, anyway? god...

i hope the "curse" reiterates itself tenfold and the dog goes into heat. then the bastard will realize how much of an idiot he is.
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Sh*t, what if they....nvm, I can't bring myself to type it.

I was thinking that as I read it. I'm sure he'll just live with the dog and treat it like a pet...nothing more. It'll probably die before he does, but it's still unusual.
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I was thinking that as I read it. I'm sure he'll just live with the dog and treat it like a pet...nothing more. It'll probably die before he does, but it's still unusual.

Or be featured on Jerry Springer...
Oh noes!
The world didn't get any weirder, things like this have gone on throughout history. We think it's weird cause we don't do it, and don't normally hear about it. We do plenty of things that they would think are weird.
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Seriously, who thinks "Shit, i'm gonna die, BRB, Ima' tell UG."?

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Congratz man, you are a true, American Hero.
Go Schneiderman!

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wow, I laughed at "Man marries bitch."

same here

anyways, the article said that the people of India sometimes married dogs to free themselves from curses. It's a part of their religion, like the churches in the South who used venomous snakes in their services. It is their religion and their choice.
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hey. im from india and i didnt think it gets weirder than bulls 5ucking cows in front of your car in a traffic jam.

...no, thats not true. but i have witnessed a bullfight. though honestly this is bullsh1t that its a part of our culture or religion to marry dogs. this is even worse than all the child marriage and caste accusations we get
The wedding took place at a Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu state. The "bride" wore an orange sari with a flower garland and was fed a bun to celebrate

If only all bitches were so easy to satisfy...

The "bride", who is called Selvi, was led to the temple in Manamudurai wearing a sari before vows were exchanged in a traditional Hindu ceremony.

"Do you, selvi take this man to love honour etc etc... Woof!"

"he decided to marry a bitch to get cured. P Selvakumar, 33, said he had been cursed since the killings, suffering paralysis and a loss of hearing"

He thinks he's cured, but wait till she starts nagging about the wet towels on the floor and starts spending all his money on prada dog tags. He's going to regret giving up that loss of hearing!

Thankyou BBC, another enlightening article to brighten up my day!
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Looks like they'll have a nice honeymooooooon!

I wonder what style they'll be doing for their weddingnight!

Man, it can't be a smart move to marry a bitch!

Every dog has it's day...

There... now I ruined those jokes for everyone else. Just like you guys stole my tree-man jokes.
I love how UG manages to keep me so informed and entertained at the same time.
Good job boys, keep it up.
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