ok, so i found an el'cheapo 6 string acoustic the other day.
would there be any way to turn it into a 12 string?
i know i can just replace the bridge and nut with a 12 string one, but what could i do about the other 6 tuning heads, would there be any way to put 6 more on there to make it a 12? any opinions?
i think you will need a wider neck
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i think you will need a wider neck

just about all the 12 strings ive played have the same width neck
first off, let your thread sit for more than an hour before bumping it

secondly, no. You may need a wider neck, it'd help, but also, you'd be putting the neck under much more tension than it was meant for. If it's a cheapo and you really, really do not care about screwing it up though, try it. Youd need a new nut, and a new bridge unless you had enough space to drill the current bridge. To put a new bridge on would involve steaming the old one off, and very accurately gluing a new one on (you'd need to sand the lacquer off too first). You'd have to refinish the guitar around that area. You'd also probably need a new saddle. Now I've never heard of this conversion being done, but I just listed the first few important things that came to mind. Good luck, and post pics! As long as the neck doesn't break, this should all work, but you may have mile high action.