Well. I've been a guitar player for about a year and a half now. I began with acoustic and took lessons to get the basics down for about two months before moving on to the electric, which I decided to master on my own, without a teacher. I think I got pretty good at it, I mean, I've been able to master some pretty decent riffs/solos. But now, I've reached this level of playing and I can't seem to get past it. I practice quite often and it seems like I do it all in vain, because I see very little change in my playing. I'm starting to lose motivation to play in general. Can someone give me some suggestions on what I should do? Thanks.

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This sort of happened to me. I was stuck in a box, because I didn't really know what I wanted to work on next and I felt that I wasn't improving. My best suggestion is that try listening to some more music that appeals to you because that's how you will reach and find out just what your style of play is. One you know that, the possibilities are endless. Like Hendrix said, You could be really frustrated and just hate your guitar at some points,, but if you stick with it, youll be rewarded.
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Im going through this right now as well. Im wanting to learn theory really well but i just dont have the motivation to do it on my own. Im taking a music theory class next year in school so hopefully i learn it more. I really want to start making my own music.
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