Hey guys, i think some of us may come to this dilemma. We want a awesome amp but we dont want to play what everyone else is playing. Im just looking for an amp that isnt that popular but has a similar sound of Mesa, bogner, or marshall. You know, low end amps that can tear it up...
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ENGL, Framus, VHT, Diezel, Rivera, Ampeg (they make guitar amps, right?)

EDIT: I just realized you said you want an amp that sounds like a Mesa, Bogner, or Marshall.

My advice: you want the sound of a Mesa, Bogner, or Marshall, then get a Mesa, Bogner or Marshall! There's a reason lots of people use them: they sound killer and aren't insanely disgustingly expensive.
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Sounds similar to a recto. Check out Erock503's clips.
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i saw a thread on B-52 and everyone seems to love it. i was thinking about building my own own stack. i guessing celestian speakers are the way to go...but i want that low end... is there specific speakers?
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apparently Orange sounds a lot like Marshall
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It's stereo amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a stereo amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as hi-fi if it works.
Brunetti! they have some sweet looking amps....I've never gotten to play one though. Diamond Amplification is still new and pretty small....they have a few amps out though. Also Check out Meteoro (you could always get the MAK3000....280 watts all tube! haha....you'd need an attenuator for that though....I almost bought one just to piss people on UG off....I'd go with Brunetti or Diamond before Meteoro though.
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Sounds similar to a recto. Check out Erock503's clips.

Yeah that amp freakin owns. I want it so bad but my damn 5150 isn't selling!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

I'd do research, then build my own. But that's just me Seriously, look at Ebay... sometimes someone has a decent amp for sale. Perhaps eventually I'll get into custom amp building, and then you can ask me ;D
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But they're famous for their amps (The Quick Rod? ) that can replicate the "brown sound" with great success.

Plus, their amps are all pretty feature laden, as compared to original designs.

Yep, I've got a quickrod with powerscaling. Hella cool.
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