Ok so I have a Line 6 Spider II. Its pretty bad. Idk nobody I've talked to like it and I am not too fond of it either. I talked to my guitar teacher and he said he has a Line 6 Flextone he would sell me. I don't know if its a good amp for me. I know its versatile which is good because I like a wide range of music but I'm kinda put off of line 6 cuz of my spider. I normally listen to classic rock, finger picking stuff, and some indie. I am really into Radiohead and I really like some of their new clean sounds from In Rainbows. I like Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix, the Strokes, Dispatch, Dave Matthews, Led Zeppelin, John Mayer, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Ben Harper, AC/DC, State Radio, Crosby Stills and Nash. Those are just a few but you get the idea. I don't want to buy an amp that is generally known for being good for metal or scremo. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks! I'm willing to spend a decent amount though.
Flextone III is what I have and I find it much better than the spider amps Line 6 produces. You aren't going to get a Fender tube amp sound as far as clean goes but the clean is above average on my amp i'd say.
play it and see if you like it. i've found the flextones and vettas to be quite good...but it really depends on how much he's willing to sell it for. a major turn off to the flextone iii and vetta ii is that, for their price, you can pick up something else as nice or nicer.
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pick up a crate flexwave instead man.

Flexwave sounds like crap (imo), and much worse than a Flextone...

The Flextone would probably be good for you, but I'd suggest something like a Fender Blues Junior, Crate Palomino or Epiphone Valve Junior over it as they're great little tube amps and should fit your needs well.
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flexwaves are crap, its the same amp crates been making for 10 years with a new look, flextones are actually one of the higher end SS amps and have amazing tones, i used to use a flextone II to practice and gig, amazing amps
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IMO, the flexwave is one of the better practice amps out there. I liked it. Flextones are quite a bit better though.
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The Flextones are indeed good amps, but their whole deal is being able to do everything decently, but they can't do anything amazingly. Since the range of your musical taste is pretty small (gain-wise anyway), I'd look into an amp that does one or a few things amazingly.

Try out some Fender tube amps, the Peavey Classic 30/50 or Delta Blues, or a Vox AC30. The Vox can be had for $500-$600 used (I think), or $1100 new. Don't be fooled by the AC15, it is nowhere near the amp the AC30 is.

Also, if you have the budget, look at the Orange Rocker 30.
my guitar tutor has a flexitone 3 so ive used it, its a good amp dude, and dont let the fact that its solid state get in the way, its still a pretty sounding amp
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Flextones are sweet man, I like the cleans on mine. Not fender bright, but darker, on the average, and very smooth. Tom Morello used a flextone on some songs on one of the albums.
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The Flextone are a whole lot better than the Spiders. I'm thinking of replacing my Spider with one.
In my opinion the very best-sounding solid-state amps are the Peavey Transtube series. If you are set on another solid-state you should check them out.
If you're looking into flextones and like the Flextone III's... check out the Flextone II's. They sound much clearer, less fuzzy, and tighter. The Flextone II IMO is overall a better amp than the Flextone III.
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