You've probably heard about Dave at Avatar. If not, go to www.avatarspeakers.com and buy some shit from him! Anyways, avatar cabs are quality cabinets at disturbingly low prices.
Dave rocks my socks. I recently bought a bright orange w/ wheat grill 2x12 cabinet from him, loaded with a Celestion V30 and a Celestion G12H30. It sounds like pure sex with my Tiny Terror.
Anyways, I thought everyone with an Avatar cab should discuss what you bought, the speakers, and how friggin much you love it! I can't believe how well built & great sounding my cab is, and for under $300!!! You kiddin me?
I have to leave now, and my camera is a little messed up, but I'll get pics of my stack when I come back!



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is this a spinoff of the "valve jr cult"?
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They look like quality cabs, when I get a half stack I might get a 4X12 cab with Greenbacks or Vintage 30's idk yet
I have a vintage styled 1x12 from Avatar, lovely piece of work! Only thing I regret at times was not getting a Greenback (got a Vintage 30 instead), superb cab none the less.