Go for an ESP guitar. They're pretty good. If you can stand paying 650, the agile reaper looks really good on paper.

Oh wait, you want a trem?

Then forget the ESPs

The RG's are pretty good.
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i havnt found anything like that. go $300 higher and you could get a schecter hellraiser fr im buying the one without the floyd rose since i dont have alot of money
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Ibanez RG370DX or RG350MDX

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Ibanez RG370DX or RG350MDX

+(287532 x10^23)^2


I got one christmas 2006, was unfamiliar with floating trem, and a bit humbled, being a fairly amateur guitarist.

I grew to love the tremolo, i can roll over the frets like graphite lube, and the tone kicks albanian arse.

A few nitpicker bastuds cried about it on some other threads, but it's a great budget-yet-studio-quality thrash/metal/alterna-metal guitar, and the tremolo has held tune for 11 months so far and counting (i've tuned it two or three times, and each time barely)
I would check out the Schecters, but I'm unsure if you can get all of that and still be under $500.
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Ibanez RG370DX or RG350MDX


bad pickups, trem (will last for a while) and build quality.

you could get a Schecter C-1 hellraiser FR used, look into ESP aswell.

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