hi guys and gals, i have basicly found the style of guitar i want (body shape, fretboard, headstock...) but the thing is i want it to be an ESP M-400 but without the trem, i already have a guitar with a trem and i want a hardtail, is there anything else that is in the same price range that look near dam identical, the body can be slightly different but the ESP headstock is a must as is the coustom inlays in the fretboard i hate the boaring old dot inlays.

help please. i dont mind if its an older model that i can get second hand.

cheers james
ok sod it, i have had a look around for the past few hours and i cant find anything by ESP, old or otherwise.
so i went and had a look at ibanez and they so nearly had the one i wanted but it was cheep and i want a half good guitar.
so in the end its another jackson for me the DK2T.

is this a good quality guitar?

cheers james