"Take All Of Me " by Hillsong

Gsus G G/D D
I love You all of my hope is in You
Am7 Em Dsus D
Jesus Christ take my life take all of me

Verse I
A Asus
You broke the night like the sun
A Asus F#m7
And healed my heart with Your great love
A Asus
Any trouble I couldn't bear
A Asus Esus E
You lifted me upon Your shoulders

Bm7 A E
Love that's stronger Love that covers sin
D Bm7
and takes the weight of the world

Asus A Esus E
I love You all of my hope is in You
Bm7 F#m7 Esus E D2
Jesus Christ take my life take all of me

verse II

A Asus
You stand upon mountain tops with me
A Asus F#m7
With You I walk through the valleys
A Asus
You gave Your only Son for me
A Asus Esus E
Your grace is all I rely on

Asus A E F#m7 D
I love You so, and I give up my heart to say
A C#7sus F#m7 E D
I need You so, my everything
A E D Bm7
Oh Lord

I hope you like It,,
i really hate to be a sinful piece os s*it but i didnt like it didnt like the topic i didnt like how you wrote it. i felt like i was in 6th grade again being forced to goto church its not a good feeling so i would like to say sorry i had such harsh opinions on your piece i just didnt like how it made me feel maybe you should try a different topice actually i beg you please dont do it again and once again i hope i didnt insult you, you are more then welcome to go and tell me what a piece of s*it sinner i am on my thread i'll even give you the link i feel so bad
CJ the sinner