i know this site is akind of a tab site, so i might get biased reviews, but what do you lot do when you want to learn a song?

see i always had a tab book to hand when i had a song i wanted to learn (i was big into acdc and i had the definitive acdc songbook) so i just learnt a bomb of their songs. but now i wanna learn things like bark at the moon, which are actually complicated in places. but how can i trust the tabs to be right, when in a lot of cases they get simple things wrong (on any tab site)

so how do you go about it when youre getting to tougher songs, learn by ear or get a tab?
I use power tab/guitar pro. If it sounds good and has good reviews, I use it. I also try to find live footage of the band playing it to try and look at the hand positioning.
I personally use guitar pro for harder songs, It's a lot easier than tabs because it has proper timing and you can listen to the song
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Use a combination of your ear and the tab.
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i use guitar pro 90% of the time now
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i have a 30+ book collection of different tabs/standard notation for literally thousands of different songs...using them and by ear has been my best bet
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I use tabs still.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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i can usually figure out a song pretty fast, the hardest part is remembering it all. i might figure out the first half of a solo but since i didn't try to remember it i might forget it by the time i get the second half.
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learn the tab, play with the song, and if it doesnt sound right, use your ear to make adjustments and make it right.

some people who tab don't know scales so the solos will be slightly off or flat. learn some scales (i know music theory is boring as hell and frustrating) if you get the chance


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i use guitar pro 90% of the time now

Yeah same here..
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i find that tabs for huge long solos and shred stuff are useless... they just get overwhelming. tabs are great for learning riffs and chords, and confirming riffs you figure out by ear.

if i need to learn to play an entire song, like for a show or something, i just grab the powertab for it, and push play. if the song is simple, i can just read it as i listen to it play the midi, and i get the bulk of the song. And of course, the powertab is great for isolating and slowing down the hard parts, etc etc etc...

tabs are great for visual learners like myself....