Over the weekend I attended a retreat where i play guitar. I was using an ovation celebrity CC 24, and I left it laying on the side of the stage and out of the way. A friend of mine later found it with a chip in the headstock and with about a six inch crack down the back of the neck. Do you guys think this is fixable and about how much would it cost?

Thanks, and sorry if i made any of you twitch.
Could you take pictures? That would help us help you a lot faster and easier.

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you cancall the place you stayed at and tell them that your guitar was ruined by some one and they might pay to repair the guitar.
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Yes, it can be repaired. I can't tell you how much it will cost. The only person who can tell you that is the person who repairs it. Either way, it's well worth the cost of the guitar to have it repaired.
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i dont know how to get a picture on here. and you cant see it that well.

whenever you want to post pictures, click the "Go Advanced" button down by the submit button. after that scroll down and you'll see a button called "Manage Attachments." you want to click that. from there you browse and find the pictures saved on your computer or camera and upload them.