Any good pinch harmonic teqniques? besides turning gain and volume all the way up haha
i learned on an acoustic because acoustics are harder to play harmonics on then electrics... it was hard as **** to learn them on an acoutsic but now they are way easier on electrics.

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use a small pick, or hold the pick really close to the tip. and practice them to get a feel of where you need to pick to sound a pinch harmonic and what fret.
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Some people think they are doing it wrong when they are actually just doing it right in the wrong place, so move your hand around while doing it
When I learned how to do Pinches...i noticed that a quick flick will produce the sound more accuratly. Also, while you are learning this technique, bend the string against the pick (ie, bend the string upwards to you if picking downwards). When you have mastered it while bending, practice pinch harmonics without bending.
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it helps to have a pick with an extra sharp edge like the purple/pink dunlop ones
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Want some advice from an 'old-timer'?

Try mastering pinch harmonics on just your clean channel, or an acoustic guitar first. Gain and volume are not needed to acheive pinch harmonics.
Yeah, the way I do it the "x factor"...just hold the pick at like a perpindicular angle to your thumb, and pick it like right before your thumb touches. Thanks for the "old timer" advice too, because its hard to learn it like that, but then its much easier on different settings.
A lot of good advice but nothing on how to do it. Basically a pinch harmonic is where you add your thumbs flesh to your picks attack. Hold your pick near the tip and kinda "pinch" the string with your pick and thumb. Takes a while to get used to but soon you'll have your guitar screaming!
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