yeah, here's something i came up with. just want to get feedback if im on "the good path of songwriting". Anyways, thanks for taking a look at it.


An empty spirit
Can't you see it?
Opened up like the floor
An empty spirit
Staggering idiots
Never seeking more
It tries to read
And will not hear
But forsaken to Stand


I don't feel it
I won't feel it
I'm not your instrument
I can feel it
I will feel it
Im not your ****ing stand


An empty spirit
Now you see it
You just broke up the floor
A willing spirit
Mocking idiots
Still asking for more?
Now he's decrypting
And always listening
As he shuts the door


Your faces slowly reunite...
But they'll never change.


That's it I guess, not that long, but t would be sang with lots of aggression or/and emotion. Quality over quantity? I hope...