OK I need at least 10 reasons why the Germans were able to defeat France so easily in WW2 for an assignment worth a crap ton of marks.

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germanys military was way stronger, germanys leadership was way stronger, france had internal conflicts, other european countries hesitated to help france... id check wikipedia
strong military, element of surprise, Blitzkrieg, French suck at fighting, maginot line wasn't effective for sh*t, Hitler used PCP on his soldiers, no help for france.
Germany attacked through the southern Ardennes region...the French expected them to come through the flat plains of Belgium
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The french are panzys, were then are now always will be. only thing worse are Qubecois
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Faking out the Maginot Line and going through Belgium
French had only ****ty light tanks
French Soldiers
-The French Army was still riding horses
-The Germans had Rommel leading the 9th Panzer Division
-The Germans attacked with a Blitzkrieg
-The Germans had air superiority over France
-The Germans had Tiger tanks
-German Grenadiers were used in the primary assault, they were trained and more professional in their work.
-The Germans had the Luftwaffe
-Superior Artillery
-The Germans were properly equipped
-The Germans were trained
-Flammenwerfer is a cool word, and Germans had them too
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I know you have numerous resources provided to you by your teacher that would be much more helpful than any of us.

And speaking of resources, you're on the internet for christ's sake.
the french army was mostly civilians, at least the ones that fought worth shit
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Do you mean just short term stuff - or in the long term? Because you should include some earlier stuff to do with appeasement, the Sudetenland and the Reoccupation of the Rhineland, saying how it aided the Nazis, and made the German army stronger, better supplied etc.
Germany was way stronger anyways. France had a supposedly "unbreakable" line of protection, which the Germans broke by simply going around it. That left France open to attack. And Hitler stunned the French with mustache power.
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