hey im looking for a good shred tonal tube combo, my price range is about $650ish.i play shred and fusion.i have to buy the amp from steves music because i have a credit there. any suggestions?
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at that price range you might consider a hotrod deluxe, traynor, or even a line6 spider valve combo. with the line6/bogner amp, you won't need any pedals, but if you have them then you might like some others. another great amp to look at i they carry them is the kustom 36. awesome amps. they sound kind of peaveyish, but very nice tone and great reverb.
possibly a peavy vk with a speaker change for a vintage 30 and a distortion pedal will do what you want and youll save money. id say go used for a 5150 but i guess you cant.