Ok, so ive got the jist of how these serial #s work, but there's one part I can't figure out.

My last three digit's on my '04 SG Special w/ faded finish are 699. Now, if i use a serial # calculator thing, it says it was 399th off the line that day in Nashville. But Nashville produces about 40 guitars a day, supposedly. So that number is way out of whack. (also, my guitar was made on April 28th, so 399 cant be its place off the line that year).

I was thinking the '6' is another factory that hasnt been accounted for in that calculator. Does anyone know about this? I remember a friend at work mentioning a Gibson factory over in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland. Seeing as this guitar was purchased here in Canada, perhaps that's it?

Can anyone confirm or clear this up?
that number correlates to the number of guitar that got past quality control/inspection for the day. although the factory may build 40 guitars a day, it may only inspect a big batch every few days/week, as it takes only about 15-20 minutes tops to inspect a guitar.
Ahh, that definitely makes sense. Especially considering I just looked up that Newfoundland thing and it's just the new acoustics being produced there. So then my guitar was 399th that day in Nashville for sure?