The song is in my profile and is called Night Terrors. It features loads of 16th notes on the kick drum and guitar, ripping solos, glorious harmonies, ass-kicking gang vocals, and so much more. Let me know what you think


C4C as always.

by the way, I kind of made this as a bit of a satire of dragonforce. so keep that in mind when you hear similarities.
Even just at the intro...first thought = EPIC!!! I love Power Metal.

Awesome vocals, nice amount of reverb. Nice chord progression. Really, really like the guitars. This is the kind of song I wish I could write...well jealous.

OMG Insane solos! Harmonies are also brilliant.

From what I've listen to of the lyrics, seems sound.

Seriously man, I could listen to that over and over. That's everything an epic Power Metal song should be and then some.

C4C? Song's in my profile. Called "Air".
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haha i'm not into this **** but thats a wicked song man. yous guys got skillss. the only thing is that with this kind of song everything has to be so precise and i think every now and then the guitar solos fall a little off the pace, they need to kick a little more ass. the main solo is fresh awesome balls though
Ok to start off, good playing. But..

The intro sounds VERY similar to Through the Fire and the Flames
The song structure in general resembles that song actually.

I liked the vocals, your singer could get REALLY good..

Not overly impressed in conclusion though, although I can't play like this, you'll need to innovated to get anywhere with this genre
Haha, the first thing that popped into my head was DragonForce, but since that's all been covered I guess I'll move on. It's good for what it is; I would have called it unoriginal but you already explained that too. The recording quality was really impressive, the guitar work was pretty cool. The solo fit quite nicely Good job overall!

type as i listen

intro was BA

not the most original i can tell, but power metal is always awesome

you did do a good job of the satire - having the crazy melody with fast picking, crazy fast drums, chorus with laid out powerchords, pretty sweet. the vocals kind of remind me of Manowar, pretty cool, but the mixing u can tell turned out eh, felt like it was cutting off and on.

the lyrics are epic lol

drums seem to go off a bit

oh and the drum and vocal part at the end of the chorus is pretty DF too (DF is dragonforce ;-)

of course sweet soloing, i wanted it to be a bit faster, but wat can ya do, no crazy tapping :-[

also i wanted a key change in the end chorus, i dont know why, it woulda just been badass.

overall this must have been fun to play and write, i always wanted to write one like it, you did a good job of knowing what goes in there.

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors