well i had studied up on the gibson flying V faded and just when i was about to order it it got discontinued. Tough luck


im looking for a new guitar in the 600 dollar range that can do metal and i mean good metal.

right now im looking at the dean razor and it looks hella sweet, anyone have any experience with this guitar and can tell me if it is what im looking for?
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They're not that bad looking, and they play and sound okay, but the hardware can be pretty cheap on them.

Have a look at some ESP Flying V's. The one I've played wasn't bad.
Nor was Alexi Laiho's pro model.
Sorry, I have no contribution but why not get a used V?
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i dont know about the razorback but deans are good.

my next guitar will be a dean
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The Razorback is very nice. I'm personally a fan of different body styles, but I'll admit it's put together very well. Sounds pretty (by pretty I mean evil). I'd say go for it man.
why dont u go to a guitar store and see if they have any faded v's left since you wanted it that bad. theres like 4 of those at the guitar center by my house and also look for a used one, you could prolly get a better quality v for $600 used.
i gotta agree, Deans are crap....

get a schector hellraiser , or the cheaper version, the omen

these guitars are way better for metal than deans and beat them anyday.
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Sorry, I have no contribution but why not get a used V?

i dunno its just every guitar ive ever gotten is used and well i just want something that is MINE lol you know wat i mean?
agreed on Schecter or ESP, deans suck.... for metal, go Schecter or ESP, even jackson is good
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I've got a faded V that I picked up used over the summer for about $500. I love that guitar.
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I've heard good things from the Peavey Rotor line..if you want to be different.
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I played the razorback last week and it was amazing.. i just dont get why people hate it so much... The only reason i can think of is that, YES it is overpriced, but dont forget there are other overpriced guitars such as Gibsons...
Schecter for the win.

Definetly, A metal guitar, By any means of the name.

You can get a schecter for 600 that most companies wouldnt sell for 1000.
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You wont be able to get any "really good metal" out of a 600 guitar, but u could probably get very close with a lower end esp, forget about the dean, its overprices for what its really worth. Either check out some esps or the scheter c-1, its also a pretty good choice, but i think its a bit over ur price range!
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How about a Jackson Pro RR3?


Thats what i was gonna say
and deans arent crap, the lower models are, and the sig models might be overpriced, but i dare you to try theyr higher end ml's and cadilac's
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