whoever made that must be shot!
Shakira and Glenn Danzig are in no way alike

pop star vs punk rocker...

thats like trying to get a cougar to lay down and lick the anoos of a deer
Jesus wouldn't give you the sweat off of his balls if you were dying of thirst.
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God, you've gotta be UG's only moron!

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that's right,you certainly are UG's only moron.

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Read the moron's posts, ironically enough he knows what he says.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure you're the only one.
There's only one girl in the world for you
and she probably lives in Tahiti.
That's pretty funny.

I would rather not see Danzig like that, but hey, anything goes down for some good lulz.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure you're the only one.


I got a kick out of it.
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Haha, that is the worst guitar tone ever.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

At first I thought it was dumb, but then after realizing what the lyrics were I found that it was epic.
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