so im gona sell my xbox 360 and i was wondering what you guys think i should sell it for

im selling

premium console

1 extra wireless controle
(1 extra + the one that comes with the console is 2 wireless controllers just incase anyones a retard)

wired headset

the dvd remote thing

1 play and charge kite


Gears of war
The Darkness

i think thats it cheers

please when you put down what you think its worth note what currency your using thx again
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Am I the only one that was reminded of Powerthirst by the title? SCIENCE ENERGY SCIENCE ENERGY!

On topic though, I'm not exactly sure what a good price would be. Perhaps go on eBay and check the prices on packages that are similar to yours.
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sell it for 20 bucks... to me...

21 USD to SteveHouse!


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