It's been a while since I've posted a new vid. For this vid I decided to do something totally new.


The vid is the main theme to the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest video games. Specifically, the theme from the very first game(on the NES). Even if you don't know it, you'll probably recognize the tune.

There are 5 guitar tracks layered on eachother here. And for each track, there's video, which are all combined into one split screen video. With a different vid in each quadrant.

The two on the left are the main harmonies, the bottom right is a higher harmony, the top right is the bassline.

I play the theme through twice so I decided to try to spice it up the second time around. I have a BOSS GT-6 and I used the "strings" preset(simulates orchestra strings) and created another harmony that's only played the second time through. That's the video that pops up in the middle half way through.

All the video editing was done in Sony Vegas.

I worked hard on this one, let me know what you guys think.
Love it.

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