this may be lack of basic music theory knowlage but regardless im having trouble. I am a fairly decent guitar player and a buddy of mine is probably even a bit better.....we both play acoustic and would enjoy jaming together a lot more than just listening to each other play the new things we have learned since seeing each other last. occasionaly we will just play the same part or I will imbelish my strumming pattern but its fun for about half a song. the only song we can play together is "I wish you were here" by pink floyd.....any songs tips or tecniques that would be good for helping us learn to play together would be appreciated and forgive me if this question makes me seem like an imbicile
Playing with other musicians is somewhat of an art in its own. It takes practice and patience and skill. I'd suggest you both find songs to learn together and practice often. Start with easy ones then eventually move into tougher genres like two-part classical, etc.
reallly the best thing you can do when jamming with someone else is often the most undestimated.... it's called listening. i've heard a LOT of guitarists who don't REALLY listen, oh sure, they hear G C D (or whatever chords) but they're not really listening to the song. sometimes its best just to throw a note or 2 in, sometimes its best to shred over it and sometimes its best to do nothing at all. i always suggest practicing good taste and restraint to get a feeling for a song before going off on it.